Whether you want to use your words to evoke goosebumps, inspire, entertain, inform, drive revenue or all of the above…

Moxie is a must.

And if your narrative doesn’t have it, it’s a waste of time. Your time and your clients’. Sub-par stories aren’t going to win anybody anything. Except maybe a license to nap.

Average doesn’t inspire people.

On the other hand…

when you bring your A-GAME – magic happens:

Connection, attention, motivation and ultimately: revenue.

To tell the best story possible, start your journey with the right partner.

I help speakers, authors and businesses harness the full potential of their story. How? By leveraging 20 years of secrets from newsrooms, boardrooms and Hollywood writers’ rooms.

My specialty is helping craft big-picture narratives and making the complex simple.

What do YOU want to accomplish?