Endorsed by CEOs From 7 Countries

KP is a go-to marketing and media strategist.
If you want a personality bigger than life, she’ll be there with a tire pump and a rocket launcher. KP has a wicked eye for story and knows how to spin it to win it. In working on $300 million+ hotel deals with discerning investors, where tone and experience are paramount, KP knows how to rock it. She exceeds goals and is a blast to work with.
Art B. - Managing Director, Fortune 500 Company, Singapore
KP is highly creative, energetic, collaborative and a superior writer. Her creation of my division’s web site generated $15 billion in leads in the first year.
Also, her vision and execution is masterful. She structured a team meeting in New Orleans post-Katrina so that every possible dollar, meal, and activity benefited a local organization in need.
Al - Managing Director, Hotels & Hospitality, USA
Kristina Paider is our go-to resource for getting the story right. She has a flair for extracting news and research from our people and delivering it to the market in a way that has helped us earn us the top global media position in the hotel real-estate space.
Mike - Managing Director, Hospitality, Thailand
Kristina is a valued resource across the Asia hospitality business. Her unique background as a journalist, a hotel marketer and a screenwriter lends a keen eye for strategy and research enabling us to delivery stand-out stories to the media and clients alike. Her creative solutions are out-of-the-box, memorable and effective for clients and colleagues in Asia and around the world.
Scott - CEO Hotels, Asia
Dear Kristina:
I wanted to write to you and let you know how much I loved working with you. Your background as a journalist, global hotel expert and a screenwriter is evident from the manner you conducted interviews and researched on trends in India in your unique style and passion. You were a pleasure to collaborate with. Not to mention, you are a great writer and a very well-respected professional by journalists. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone.
Sudeep - EVP, Hotels, India
I’ve worked with Kristina for more than five years. The freelance project management that she does for our firm is immensely helpful, and frees me up to focus on my direct responsibilities. What I can say about our working relationship is that Kristina “gets it.” Kristina is most adept at sensing how busy I am, and quickly adapts her style to what will serve my firm best. She can assess whether I prefer to discuss a matter in detail, or if I am buried and just want her to run with the decision making.
Thanks to her creativity, she helps my firm excel in areas where we otherwise could not. But most of all, her unwavering energy and passion continue to make our collaboration stimulating and fun.
Lauro - Vice President, Research and Strategic Advisory, Hospitality Industry, USA
She is very organized. Her advanced preparation is considerable. Then, she lets me contribute as I like. Her follow-up in thorough, and her writing neatly summarizes what I wanted to explain. No hustle on word-processing at my end. That’s great.
Tom - Managing Director, Hospitality Industry, Japan
It was a great pleasure working with Kristina on a number of research projects. Her organization and structuring our key publication, the Hotel Investment Outlook, was essential in delivering an excellent piece of work. She was very diligent, reliable and clearly demonstrated her grasp of marketing and the hotel industry. Her positive and friendly attitude also make her a perfect team player. I hope we will get her help on future projects and in the meantime wish her all the best.
Josef - Research, Hospitality Industry, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Kristina leverages unique career experiences and contacts within the hotel real estate industry for her clients.  She gets the industry and knows the players like no other marketer out there.  Kristina was able to identify opportunities that has allowed our company to more effectively sell our story to potential clients. In other words, she kicks ass and takes names.
Ryan - Hotel REIT, USA
If it wasn’t for Kristina, I wouldn’t have a business. It’s as simple as that. She had a vision for my business long before I could wrap my brain around it, and became my staunchest advocate, editor, coach and bouncing board. In its four short months of existence, my business has achieved 600% growth above projections; I have a book deal with a renowned publisher in the space, and became a bona fide expert in what I do. Who would have thunk it? I didn’t. But Kristina did. That’s for sure.
Lee - Career Coach, USA
Kristina has a keen eye for strategy, story and delivering value to hotel owners. Her research defines hotel trends globally, setting a precedent in the industry and the press on multiple continents. She is a trusted advisor to our teams in 23 countries around the world. And, she knows how to throw one hell of a party!
Mark - Global CEO, Hospitality, U.K.
I just call her Kristina Bad Ass.
Jacob - CEO, Medical Company, Canada

KP brings an unique style and passion to marketing, research and client management and delivers comprehensive strategies to enhance our visibility and reinforce our credibility with hotel owners, investors and lenders. Her work has supported JLL’s arranging the sale and financing of more than $10 billion in hotel real estate sales annually for several consecutive years. KP’s combination of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking on developing solutions is an asset, and she remains a trusted partner to our teams in the U.S. and around the world.

Art - CEO, Hotel Real Estate Firm, USA