Stories get results.

Want more revenue? A bigger market or audience? More engagement? Story has the power to surprise, delight, motivate and influence.

Sometimes you have to throw out what everyone expects you to say and do and dive into the unknown to pull out something new and fresh.

You need to be distinct, authoritative, on point. Especially if you are focused on triple bottom line results. Achieving that level of excellence is

rarely a solo project.

The narratives are just too complex to be able to see the forest from the trees. I help businesses tell the best story possible by leveraging

20 years of secrets from newsrooms, boardrooms and Hollywood writers’ rooms.

There’s a reason screenwriters are compared to Olympians, Green Berets and Top Guns. Like them, we have extensive, elite training. Our laser focus is on the power of the written word. I’ve been ninja trained by the best of the best of Hollywood’s story luminaries, as well as top-notch journalists and the real world.

Check out my track record. Here are some examples of the results I’ve achieved with story as the core driver.

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