Business & Marketing Diagnostic & Plan
Customer Experience Diagnostic & Blueprint
Story DNA & Strategic Roadmap
Dialogue Analysis
Strategic Counsel
Story & Character Architecture

KP works with companies to develop the big picture marketing strategy, then dives in to orchestrate dozens of elements for a symphonic execution. Her ultimate outcome is to elevate and distinguish each company, executive and/or brand, depending on the engagement.

Here are a few examples of the unique expertise Kristina offers:

Consulting Chief Marketing Officer – from business and marketing plans to executive counsel, staff mentoring and project management, utilize a specified set of diagnostics to set goals and milestones as well as implement tactics to increase performance, brand perception and revenue.

Company & Character Analysis – leverage the same techniques used by feature film makers to assess your role in the industry and marketplace. Uncover methods to improve dialogue with clients, media and the industry in order to enhance performance, increase sales and improve the bottom line.

Workshop: Hollywood Approach – This is a program that cultivates a group’s core story and how they approach their goals. Here, KP translates her experience from newsrooms, boardrooms and writers’ rooms to a workshop format. She applies the principles from classic story and screenwriting architecture such as The Hero’s Journey and feature films like The Bourne Identity to individual and company missions, discussing elements such as story DNA, character, goals, voice, allies, and antagonists.

The program helps people understand how they can re-define the things they say and do to achieve new goals, win new clients, and adjust the current trajectory to surpass existing results on an individual, department and company basis.

For the hip: there’s also Event Whisperer, Show Runner and GC (General Collaborator).

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