I make data come alive – with story.

I help people tell data-driven stories so that they can be the most credible resource in their field.

Data storytelling — for me — is like solving a puzzle. I get a thrill when I make it all fit together with the right proportion of numbers and narrative.

Super nerdy, I know.

Numbers, used correctly, make a story credible.

Characters, chosen artfully, make a story relatable.

Relatability is what gets people talking, builds audience and establishes you as the authority in your space.

Number crunchers shouldn’t work alone. I know, because I’ve been there.

The blind spots of our own expertise leave out critical details that don’t make it to the page, and ultimately, lose or confuse our audience.

You supply the data, stats and interview time — I bring your story to life.

If you’re really looking to differentiate, come to me.

Check out my track record. Here are some examples of the results I’ve achieved with story as the core driver.
Interested in learning how my clients amped up their research, revenue and results by working with me? See examples of results and case studies below.


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