This is the big picture review. I provide broad notes on existing material to ensure a cohesive story and a solid structure as the writer/team moves forward with development.

I first meet with the writer or client to discuss where s/he’s at with the material, their self-assessment (inspired by my questions), and what they would like to accomplish by working with me. Different clients look for different things, but the common themes I hear often are:
  • “I’m stuck.”
  • “I’ve been working on this so long, I can’t tell if this makes sense.”
  • “Do you think this drags in a certain part? What should I do to fix it?”
  • “It seems long and says the same thing over and over.”
  • “Can you help me make it better?” (Hint: the answer is always yes.)

I do a thorough review of the material, making notes that can act as a blueprint for the client’s next structural pass. In this pass, I address the material’s major theme, key foundation points, overall flow, as well as other high level elements.

Typically, I personally meet and discuss notes with each writer as we do the baton pass. This ensures a clear understanding and helps the writer formulate their next action steps, so that they can continue the momentum toward completion.

Need more in-depth notes and guidance? See Line Editing, which is a more involved, deeper dive into a page-by-page review and notes. Not sure if you need Story Editing, Line Editing, something in between, or both? No problem. Drop me a line and let’s talk.