Two ways (of many!) to get started now:

The thing is… you want them

glued to their seats.

Hanging on to your every word. Unable to blink because of your riveting, brilliant, authentic, hilarious, dynamic awesomeness. You want to be beyond good, beyond great. You want to be exceptional.

It starts with an exceptional script.

The script is the foundation of a great program, whether it’s on TV, on the silver screen or on the stage. Translating years of experience and knowledge into a one hour format — or less — is no easy task.

You have important choices to make.

Determining the best tone, anecdotes, facts, transitions, and where to start – is hard. On top of that, there are numerous ways to angle your message. Should it be more uplifting? Serious? Funny? Authoritative? Where do you add? Where do you cut?

I help you cut through the questions and make smart decisions.

Taking the stage is a one-person job.

Writing the script doesn’t have to be.

Your speech can’t help anyone if you never give it.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or developing existing material, if you have something important to say, do it justice by working with a professional writer and collaborator.

Make yourself heard.

Questions about how we could work together or want to find out if we’re a match? Drop me a note and let’s meet via Zoom or phone to find out. Ready to kick it into high gear? Check out the two offerings in the boxes above.

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