Top Guns to pilots.
Green Berets to Marines.
Olympians to athletes.

Screenwriters to writers.

This was on the chalkboard of my first screenwriting class in 1997. It stuck.

The most rigorous training in the power of the written word.

No other craft is as laser-focused on style, command of the language and word economy.

Twenty years ago, the average production budget for a movie was approximately $69 million.

That means that each page of a (120+ page) screenplay represented a more than $500,000 investment in production. If we break down that math further, that’s…

$13,513.51 per line.*

To say that the storytelling culture in Hollywood, fostered by professors, mentors, professionals and colleagues, is focused on making every word count — is an understatement.

Storytelling is not an exact science. It’s a symphony of art and science.

When done right, it’s magnificent.

I apply this rigor to writing for business and marketing. The principles are the same – only businesses are more nimble and have the capacity to achieve a measurable difference faster.

That is exciting to me.

*Each screenplay page has approximately 55 lines. Take a sample page with 37 lines of text and 18 of spacing. Fudging Hollywood’s very strict rules about font size, margins, and format will get your script thrown out as fast as a non-essential character gets killed. So that’s 37 lines for a half million dollars — or $13,513.51 per line.

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